Invalidity Research

These are used when there is a specific patent being litigated. Invalidity searches are conducted to identify patents, non-patent literature, and products that may challenge the novelty and inventiveness of the claims of a specific patent. This can assist in blocking the patents and providing concrete evidence for a patent portfolio which may be useful for licensing or corporate acquisition. Many a times our invalidity/validity search reports have enabled our clientele (including corporations, product manufacturers etc.) to defend themselves against infringement suits and in gaining the freedom to operate.

Infringement Analysis

Patent infringement analysis is conducted to determine whether the corporations associated with a product or a process can make, use, import, sell or market a patented invention into a jurisdiction without infringing some other patent and also in order to determine whether a product or a process infringes a patent. Infringement analysis is completed by domain experts that identify the closest products, or patents and give arguments that may help in proving whether a product is infringing another creation. Infringement analysis helps corporations design/redesign their product or process without violating the products of a patent and for litigation proceeding.

Freedom to Operate Analysis

Based on a brief invention disclosure or a hypothetical claim, we identify the claims of unexpired (in-force) patents within the subject area that may be of interest to the client. These searches include active patents that may pose an infringement risk in addition to expired patents that may provide a "safe harbor" for a specific product, process, or service. These address both infringement and patentability concerns. The search can be customized as per the request of the client and is designed to assist a qualified attorney in providing advice to his/her client.

Patent vs. Product Mapping

Client’s specific need for an analysis of its patent with respect to products available in market can be fulfilled by a Patent vs. Product Mapping report. These reports provide detailed analysis & mapping of subject patent’s claims with the products available in market. A structured representation with the help of various colors is used to show the extent of overlap between the subject patent and relevant products.

Claim Charts

Claim chart mapping is widely used in patent litigation. Claim chart mapping provides a comparison between the claims of the subject patent with that of the relevant prior art references or product that may be infringing the subject patent’s claims. It provides a structured representation of the claim in order to effectively present the information regarding a patent claim. It helps clients to comprehend information in a better way and save their precious time. Each claim is analyzed vis-à-vis possible infringement.

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