Marketing Brochure

AshmarIP’s Marketing Brochure is an effective resource that assists the client in showcasing the most important marketing aspect of his/her invention. The document provides the top potential licensee, their contact details, their relevant products/patents, and market forecast for the subject technological area. The marketing brochure is written to influence the clients’ prospects (consumer/buyer) and inform them that the client has something valuable to offer.

Marketability and Expanded Marketability Reports

Our marketability and expanded marketability reports provide a detailed analysis of your invention disclosure and provide the list of most relevant potential licensees, research funding sources, partners, competitors and the current market trends. The report further provides the latest market forecast for the subject technological area. The information provided in our reports can form the basis of any marketing material, and act as third-party feedback for the researchers.

Market and Competitive Analysis

This report identifies all possible targets (corporations and products) that may overlap with the client’s portfolio. The search could be narrow, based on client’s inputs, or very broad to cover an entire market segment. By detailed, feature-level analysis of the product we identify key players in the given technology space who could be potential targets for licensing.

Patent Portfolio Triage

AshmarIP has developed a unique and objective method to rank existing patent portfolios that facilitates a process of quick and efficient decision making to reduce the overall patent costs. A detailed, quality, metric-based analysis of your portfolio is conducted and a scoring for each patent and patent application is prepared with respect to the objective metric. This provides evidence to support investment and non-investment decisions. Patent triage scrutinizes the patent portfolio and divides the patents in three broad categories i.e. core patents, non-core patents and non-useful patents.

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