Patent Specification Drafting

We offer patent prosecution services that include provisional and non-provisional utility patent specification drafting, and design patent specification drafting. A technically written patent specification covering all the essential features of any invention will prove valuable for any organization, and we strive to draft the patent specification to meet the client’s expectations.

Patent Illustrations

Patent illustrations make an important part of any patent application, and AshmarIP is well equipped to get the illustrations made using CAD so as to meet the criteria specified by the patent office. Our drafting team comprises highly skilled professionals who have experience of preparing drawings in all technical fields.

Office Action Execution

The patent prosecution process begins with the issuance of an office action by the patent office after filing of a patent application. The office action issued cites relevant prior art, and reasons as to why and which claims have been allowed, and/or rejected. We at AshmarIP prepare the response to the issued office action that includes arguments and/or amendments that comply with the requirements set forth in the office action.

Patent Accelerated Examination (PTO/SB/28), and related research

AshmarIP provides a quick analysis of claims of the subject patent application with respect to references cited by the examiner for filing a response to the patent office. We study the claims and provide a matrix that illustrates the existence of any overlap.

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