Patentability Search

The motive to conduct a Patentability search is to make sure about the invention is novel. Patentability search will help you in verifying the newness of the invention and extract the most relevant data, which may help you in making decisions on the invention, whether to invest in the new invention or not.

Patentability and Marketability Report

PMR( Patentability and Marketability Report) is a detailed analysis of your shared disclosure in a full-fledged analytical report to showcase the novelty status of the invention vis-à-vis patent and non-patent prior art. Most relevant prior art/s are identified in a feature-wise comparison matrix. Based on the outcome of the analytical part of the report, we extract the current marketplace, potential licensees, research funding sources, partners and competitors are identified. The information provided in our reports forms the basis of new patent applications and marketing materials, helps with the technical assessment of the disclosed technology, and gives third-party feedback for the researchers to initiate new research projects.

State of the Art Report

A State of the Art patent search is the broadest of all patent searches as it provides an overall perspective of a particular patent field. Our state of the art search reports provides the client with up-to-date information about progress in a specific technical field. The results guide our clients in designing their strategies at both an IP level and a corporate level, further helping to deliver long-term market advantages.

Patent Landscape Analysis

AshmarIP prepares a detailed technology and IP landscape for the given technology and provides an in-depth analysis of new strategic opportunities from an independent, third-party perspective. The report provides an overview of competitors’ patent portfolios, markets, inventors, geographical coverage, and a detailed patent claims comparison matrix to identify organizations that have the most overlap. This allows the licensing officer to clearly position the client’s technology in the marketplace and provides a SWOT analysis of the patent portfolio vis-à-vis competition providing cues for valuation and licensing deals. It also helps prepare valuable collateral that can be used to improve your position in licensing negotiations. It is presented for easy review with charts, graphical overviews and statistical information.

Detailed Portfolio Analysis

Portfolio analysis includes evaluation and ranking (if applicable) of a group of patents with respect to certain criteria and identifies potential abandonment candidates or potential “winners” in a portfolio. The client specifies a group of patents which could be their own patents that they want to evaluate with respect to certain criteria, or of a third party that they may be interested in licensing or acquiring. We work with the client to perform a detailed analysis of the portfolio and to identify key metrics that could help the client in making strategic decisions with respect to the identified portfolio.

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